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Explore Amritsar is a blog by an Amritsari for people living in, loving, visiting, and willing to traverse through the local sights. We tend to be your go-to Amritsar travel guide with everything that you should explore in the city. Follow us to know about the best tourist places in Amritsar that must be there on your list of destinations.


Amritsar City Tour is Incomplete Without its History

Punjab’s bustling city, Amritsar has worldwide recognition for presenting a blend of diverse cultures, history, and food. Located at a distance of 28km from Wagah Border (India-Pakistan border), the city is named after an ancient lake. The name Amritsar comprises of 2 parts – ‘Amrit’ means nectar and ‘Sar’ means pool. It translates to ‘Pool of Ambrosial Nectar’ where the pool is the holy pool at Golden Temple.

Founded by Guru Ram Das, 4th Sikh guru, the city is divided into 2 parts, North and South. The Southern part is the old city wherein you will find the Golden Temple and other top tourist places in Amritsar. Besides, this part is home to some of the most serene and spectacular sights, ancient historical structures, and more. On the other hand, the Northern part is the contemporary one. It comprises of modern homes, gleaming towers, shining signs, and upmarket restaurants.

Various travel agents in Amritsar suggest keeping both parts of the city in an Amritsar tour itinerary.

And, with Explore Amritsar, we tend to bring the best of curated knowledge about the city and its sightseeing places.


Most Popular Amritsar Local Sightseeing Places

As stated earlier, the holy city is home to a range of destinations covering culture, tradition, history, and religious aspects. Here’s a list of the must add-ons to your Amritsar sightseeing tour:

·       Golden Temple

·       Jallianwala Bagh

·       Durgiana Temple

·       Maharana Ranjit Singh Museum

·       Amritsar Heritage Walk

·       Partition Museum

·       Wagah Border

·       War Memorial Museum

·       Sun City Park

·       Gobindgarh Fort

·       Sadda Pind

·       Punjabi Dhabas

·       Hall Bazaar

·       Central Sikh Museum

·       Ram Tirath

·       Ram Bagh Gardens

·       Khalsa College


The Person behind this Amritsar Guide for Travellers

An MBA graduate with a knack for exploring new destinations started his travel blogging journey from his hometown, Amritsar. A digital marketer by profession, Ankit Rawat has combined his marketing and exploration skills into this blog, Explore Amritsar.

Ankit believes there are many hidden spots in the city that a traveler on the Amritsar city tour must visit. Catering to a variety of travelers from across the world, he tends to make things easier for everyone arriving here.

Besides, Ankit plans to expand his horizon to other cities as well as states to create an ultimate travel guide.

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